Open Water SCUBA Certification

Come enjoy the most beautiful, scenic reefs and wrecks that Florida has to offer on our very own gold coast!

Through our classes, you will learn how to safely dive to a depth of 60 ft. we break your dive class into three different sections. your rental equipment (i.e. bcd, regulator, dive computer, tanks) is included in the class with an option to purchase your own.

We also include the cost of the boat trips and the certification fees for your c-card. We do not include mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, or weights.

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Check out our four easy steps to learning how to Scuba Dive.



This can be done through e-learning on your own computer at home, which is very convenient. All the material is taught to you through an interactive online course, which is easy to use and compatible with both Windows and Mac.

You can also choose to read the book, which entails reading each chapter and completing the knowledge reviews at the end of each chapter. After the book is completed you will have class sessions with the instructor to review your answers and complete a final.

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Pool Sessions

about-headerYour pool sessions elaborate on your academics that you learned prior to coming to the pool. this will be your first time handling equipment. You are well on your way to being a world-class SCUBA diver.

32 skills are completed in the pool from shallow depths that you can stand up in, to the deeper end of the pool to experience depth for the first time. All of our skills we teach to mastery. We also make sure you’re 100% comfortable with all of the diving equipment and safety procedures before we leave the pool.
pool sessions usually run for 3 hours each and are completed during the week. Typical group classes require 2 pool sessions to master all of the skills and have fun!

Open Water Sessions

Open water sessions are the reason people want to learn how to SCUBA dive. Since we have abundant, aquatic sea life in this region of the United States, it will be an experience you tell time and time again.

Typical open water sessions take place on a chartered dive boat. we teach you all the boat procedures and etiquette of a diving from a boat in the class. Once you complete the class you can book a trip through us on a local dive boat and not be nervous about it.

Skills for safety and comfort that we learned in the pool are again executed in the ocean. We also explore different spots of the reef while we are underwater and
enjoy ourselves.


Once you complete all of your training to our standards, you will be issued a scuba certification card that will be either waiting for you at our facility or mailed to you. This card is good for life and is recognized all over the world.

Our goal once your certified is to keep you active and diving wherever you may want to go. Our local diving in South Florida on the dive boat of your choice is the best way to start.

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