Scuba Certifications

Open Water SCUBA Certification

Through our classes, you will learn how to safely dive to a depth of 60 ft. we break your dive class into three different sections. your rental equipment (i.e. bcd, regulator, dive computer, tanks) is included in the class with an option to purchase your own.



The SCUBA Instructor Course will teach current Divemaster or Assistants Instructors the knowledge to safely function as a SCUBA Instructor with the abilities to teach SCUBA Open Water Scuba Divers, Advanced Adventures Divers, Rescue Divers, Divemasters and Assistant Instructors.


Assistant Instructor Course

The SCUBA Assistant instructor course is designed for you to gain practical teaching experience with an active SCUBA Instructor or Instructor Trainer. You will help an Instructor teach an Open Water Scuba Diver course, Advanced Diver Course, and Rescue Diver Course.


Specialty Instructor Courses

Diving that wreck, makes one wonder who had been a part of that ship’s history; using a dry suit in cold water to extend one’s diving season or following the light beam eliminating all the nocturnal creatures a diver sees during a night dive, diving offers so many different specialized areas.


EmergencyFirstReponse-LogoCPROX Instructor Course

The CPROX course is a Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation & Emergency Oxygen administration combined into one program. The typical length of this course is two hours and this includes academic and practical sessions.


CPROX1stAED Instructor Course


The CPROX1stAED course is a Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation, First Aid, Oxygen Administration and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) combined into one program. The typical length of this course is two hours and this includes academic and practical sessions.


freediversFreediving Course

This course is ideal for SCUBA divers, spearfisherman, & photographers wishing to master the basic freediving techniques of our system enabling you to confidently freedive to depths up to 66 feet / 20 meters and a static breath hold of up to 3 minutes.


SDI Divemaster Course

The SDI Divemaster Course is the first professional level certification. During this course you will be challenged and learn what it is like to work with divers as they experience the underwater world for the first time and you will learn how to lead already certified divers and show them some of your favorite critters or dive sites.


TDI-logoVisual Insprection Procedures Instructor Course

Part of the safety of our industry relies on scuba cylinders that have been properly inspected. The SDI Visual Inspection Procedures Instructor course will teach you the proper techniques for teaching the inspecting of high and low pressure scuba cylinders.



BC (buoyancy compensator)

Wet & Dry Suits



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